A short film inspired by J Dilla's DONUTS

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The Dilla Dimension is an interactive, short film that tells the story of two sugarcoated souls and their psychedelic journey through outer space. Each step of their voyage is crafted to a selection of tracks from J Dilla's classic album, Donuts.

An alternate universe, blanketed with hypercolor sugar and fluorescent glaze, gives birth to an unlikely cluster of donut holes. Suddenly, they are split apart and scattered across a sea of hypnotic, interstellar chaos. But the impossible takes shape when a love is sparked, leading to a desperate search across the universe for one another.

The Dilla Dimension was launched on Dilla Day 2015 to celebrate the 9th year of the album's release and the life of one of hiphop’s most innovative & influential figures. It uses a league of new technologies to create a completely digital film that's made with real-time, generative effects. Further information & press kit can be found here.

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